Saturday, January 24, 2009

Golden City Workshop at the Cartoon Art Museum

Come to the cartoon art museum in san francisco sunday, january 25th from 1-4 for the Golden City Workshop. Two rooms of activities and demonstrations. One room will feature the process thien and briana went through to create the Mighty Defender comic. Slideshow, talk and how to layout and color a comic page. In the other room visitors will get hands-on experience silk screening their own Mighty Defender page. All ages welcome.

Monday, December 8, 2008

These posters are the best thing yet. If you are too lazy to click on this link... they will be up on market street from december 22nd to march 19th. They are a comic story that reads in both directions! What?! We know. Trust us. They are pretty sweet.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mixtape shirts and flyers. (Mixtape is a night w dj emily and dj gabrielle)

dj Emily and dj Gabrielle at the 4th annual Summer Camp themed Mixtape.

back: color 1.

back: color 2.

back: done! 3 colors.

Thien poses with tshirt press.

front: color 1.

front: color 2.

front: done! 3 colors.

Mixtape shirt.

The first mixtape shirt

Flyer from 2007.

Alternate flyer from 2007.

Valentine's Day shirts 2006, 2007 and 2008

Shirt from 2008: BART.

Baby wearing our shirt!

Test-run on studio wall.

Shirt from 2007: Typewriter.

Shirt from 2006: for the birds.

Pub Quiz shirt

Thien shows off new pub quiz shirt.

Briana screening shirt.

Shirt design we did for a Pub quiz, prize for winners.

Christmas shirt 2007: Trucks!

Cutest Tow-truck driver ever.

American Apparel model wears Tow shirt.

Briana's Christmas truck shirt: Tow truck.

Cute child wearing Lunch shirt.

Briana wearing Lunch shirt half in Nevada and half in Utah.

American Apparel model wearing Lunch shirt.

Thien's Christmas truck shirt: Lunch truck.

tshirt idea that never got made...